Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal considers wine tourism to be strategic for Monção and Melgaço


During the grape harvest season, the Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal (TPNP) was in Melgaço to accompany the vintage 2020 and to discover the potential of this subregion of Vinhos Verdes focused on a sustainable tourism. The visit took place at Quinta de Soalheiro, the first Alvarinho brand in Melgaço, where they had the opportunity to discover this wine tourism project that goes far beyond wine, as it is based on the terroir´s potential, local quality products and services.

Inácio Ribeiro, Vice President of TPNP, congratulated the project which, he stressed, “goes far beyond wine. We, at the Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal, have excellent territories to promote, but we need products in those territories that help us to convince visitors to come here, stay and, above all, take the best reasons to recommend visiting them.” “And Soalheiro's bet, by presenting integrated touristic services, is contributing to that. Through wine they are leveraging a project based on the terroir, based on wine tourism, which for us is very important, because we can take it as a flagship product which will help us to return to the 5 million visitors in Porto and North, to make tourists stay longer than the two nights reached in 2019 and continue to visit this wonderful Minho region”.

For Soalheiro producers, Maria João Cerdeira and António Luís Cerdeira, expectations about the quality of this grape harvest are the best and they believe that this year will be a very challenging one, but it is essential to continue engaged creating an integrated tourist offer, based on the quality of the terroir, products and services. Maria João Cerdeira ensures to remain focused on “obtaining a good product, a high-quality raw material so then, in the winery, it will be worked on properly. It is her firm belief that “This is the basis of everything. We want to be in the terroir in the same way as nature is. Melgaço has many potentialities that make this place a special place. Melgaço is not just wine or vineyards, it is a destination to discover”. António Luís Cerdeira adds that “2020 will be a year of great wines, but also of great opportunities for the development of the terroir. By way of example, we inaugurated the Herbal Tea House, a local accommodation house, and we are developing, through the Vinho Verde Single Varietal Producers Club, promoted by Soalheiro, the ENOTOUR project. This project aims to establish a network of entities that promote a tourism directed for environmental, social and economic sustainability and, at the same time promote Tourism in the Monção and Melgaço region, the target terroir in the first phase of this project."

The “ENOTOUR - Promotion of Sustainable Tourism in the Terroir of Vinhos Verdes and Alvarinho of Monção and Melgaço” also provides for the creation of a collaborative digital platform that will bring together contents and paths where the augmented reality will be explored, combining technology with tradition, history and local cultures.