In the territory of the alvarinho wine tourism is celebrated all year round


Next 8th November is World Wine Tourism Day and in order to mark this occasion, Soalheiro, the first Alvarinho brand in Melgaço, decided to offer visitors a special campaign and celebrate this day throughout the year. The invitation is for you to know the territory of the origin of the alvarinho - Monção and Melgaço - its gastronomy, nature and hospitality.

Soalheiro's Wine Tourism is much more than just a wine tasting. It is the discovery of everything this terroir has to teach, with personalised experiences being privileged. From the discovery of the charms of the vineyard, the preservation of biodiversity to the production systems, everything is a learning experience.

To enter this journey through the senses, which will reveal to you the full potential of the Alvarinho grape and of "The Pur Terroir", you just need to choose the wine tasting that you would like to do. The offer is varied and includes the different Soalheiro dimensions. For example, the Nature tasting challenges you to get to know the range of the natural, irreverent and "out of the box" Soalheiro wines. These wines value biodiversity and the winegrowing ecosystem, fostering environmental sustainability. The Fusion tasting represents a true fusion of flavours where the potential of the terroir is exploited to its fullest so that learning is continuous, and innovation is always present. But if you choose the Premium tasting you will have the opportunity to know all the dimensions of the Alvarinho from Soalheiro.

The campaign is valid for all wine tasting appointments until 8 November 2021, provided that the reservation is made by 8 November 2020. Visitors have 10 euros available in total for the reservation. Reservations can be made HERE by entering the code 8NOVEMBER in the field "Apply promo or voucher".

All tourist experiments are designed in accordance with the recommendations of the Directorate-General of Health and of the Tourism of Portugal ("Clean & Safe").