Soalheiro Terramatter: Natural and timeless


Just like an open-ended work of art to be finished by those who appreciate it, Soalheiro Terramatter2019 appears. It belongs to the Natural Soalheiros range - a wine with a deposit, not subject to filtration and made with organic grapes of the Alvarinho variety. It is a wine for the youngest, but also for the most experienced oenophiles. It has a strong personality and a differentiated profile that results from a process that looks at organic farming and minimalist winemaking as an opportunity to approach the knowledge of the ancestors with an exploitative attitude.

António Luís Cerdeira, Soalheiro's Oenologist, says that the spontaneity that characterises Terramatter's winemaking is an apprenticeship that has brought enormous respect to chance. “It's funny how wine shows us that the past and the future often come together when we experiment: by making an unfiltered wine with the Terramatter profile, we give those who taste it the opportunity to drink it more or less unctuous, more or less fruity or vegetable, depending on the stirring of the bottle before serving it. Nowadays, the concepts of open works of art, of dishes finished at the table with the touch of the diner are so in vogue, and in this case, by experimenting with ancestral techniques, we ended up recreating this concept in this wine: the Terramatter that each person tastes is always finished by whoever serves it.”


The name Terramatterappears as a tribute to the terroir where this wine was born - Monção and Melgaço - a valley surrounded by mountains, the Peneda-Gerês National Park, the Minho River, the differences in altitude and the infinity of small parcels, typical of the smallholdings, where many families plant the Alvarinho. Organic viticulture, which gives rise to Terramatter, aims to increase biodiversity in vineyards and emphasises respect for the terroir, a balance between tradition and innovation that is also reflected in the winemaking process: Partial malolactic fermentation in chestnut barrels, typical of the territory, and an unheard-of combination with concrete eggs that do not require bâtonnage for the displacement of the lees. Secrets you can discover in a visit to Soalheiro or imagine in each tasting of this wine.

The moderate alcohol content and versatility make Terramatterthe ideal match for fish dishes, white meats or to drink in the evening in a wine bar.