Allo - Alvarinho & Loureiro 2013

ALLO may be just a greeting, or have arisen with inspiration from the famous series with the same name ... Allo Allo tells the story of René Artois, owner of a French cafe in the village of Nouvion, ...

... but are the initials of Alvarinho and Loureiro, two noble grape varieties of Minho (northern Portugal), which by its quality and different personality have been recognised.

The grapes come from vineyards of Alvarinho and Loureiro located in its terroir of excellence, respectively the valley of the Minho and Lima river planted in the soil of granite origin.

2013 – A special harvest. After a winter with more rain than usual we have low temperatures during the beginning of the growing season that induces a later harvest than the one in 2012. The weather condition in July and August, very dry and hot but with cold nights, induce a very good quality harvest with a slow ripening that maintains the alcohol in moderate levels because of the water stress in the soil, but balance the acidity due to the daily temperatures. The beginning of September also hot and dry allowed anticipating the harvest, escaping the rain that occurred in the end of the month and early October, maintaining a special equilibrium in the blend Alvarinho and Loureiro.


Die Trauben – ausschließlich Alvarinho und Loureiro – werden manuell in kleinen Kisten gelesen. Nach dem Pressen und vor der Gärung mit kontrollierter Temperatur wird der Most 48 Stunden vorgeklärt, wobei ausgewählte Hefen zum Einsatz kommen. Nach der Stabilisierung wird der Wein abgefüllt und reift in der Flasche weiter.

Alvarinho, Loureiro
Alkohol (%)
Gesamtsäure (g/dm3)
Flüchtige Säure (g/dm3)
{ Die Werte sind ungefähre Werte }

Yellow colour, citrus flavour with elegant and mineral profile. The Alvarinho, full of tropical fruit and structure, contrasts with the Loureiro, floral and full of elegance, which gives this white wine with 11%vol. an unique balance. ALLO is a vibrant and precise white wine with a peculiar balance due to the moderately low alcohol content. Alvarinho grape gives structure and Loureiro grape the elegant and mineral aromatic distinction.


Ideal als Aperitif oder als Begleiter zu Meeresfrüchten, Fischgerichten oder Geflügel.