Oppaco - Vinhão, Alvarinho & Pinot Noir Unfiltered 2017

A new chapter in de Soalheiro’s history: the creation of its first red wine, Soalheiro Oppaco. This new wine represents a true innovation, In the first two vintages is being made from regional varieties of both red (Vinhão) and white grapes (Alvarinho). We believe that this combination allows the elegance of Alvarinho to shape the rusticity of Vinhão, producing a delicate and elegant wine with a great balance between flavour and taste, but we keep searching for the best wine making and oenological practices, to put in evidence the terroir. In 2015 vintage we introduce Pinot Noir variety, produced in Vinhos Verdes area, to achieve the perfect flavor balance for this style.

We felt that our terroir had the capacity to create elegant wines of a lighter, although consistent, red-ruby color that are different from the traditional dark red ones, which are consumed young and usually appreciated with local gastronomy. Local Vinhão grapes (also called Sousão in Douro Region) are very special, particularly in their tannin concentration and color. It is therefore essential to combine them with other varieties like, in this case, Alvarinho and Pinot Noir grapes, to produce a more elegant and somewhat restrained unfiltered wine.

Confident with the potential of this new wine our goal is to create an alternative path to the region’s red wines. We believe that Soalheiro Oppaco has the same ability to evolve in the bottle as our whites we produce. With this wine we really want to try different ways of producing red wines. Working together with nature, we were able to introduce Oppaco in our wine family, while respecting its DNA...elegant and delicate, yet consistent...a red wine made by a white wine producer. The first reactions are very promising, motivating us to keep up with this profile.

Minho, Melgaço
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Tasting Notes

Red-ruby color, a fresh, fruited aroma, and an elegant, long and consistent taste. It received the name Oppaco for being the first Soalheiro’s red wine. Simultaneous fermentation with Vinhão and Alvarinho (15%) and Pinot Noir (15%) grapes. The global blend has 30% of the wine that still in young barrels of French oak for 1 year.

Food Suggestions

As Soalheiro Primeiras Vinhas and Soalheiro Reserva, it goes perfectly with oily fish dishes, red or white meat (such as turkey and duck), game dishes, as well as with mature cheese and smoked meats.