Soalheiro Sauvignon Blanc & Alvarinho 2019

Aromatic and elegant. Innovation and The Pur Terroir®

Characteristic of the Soalheiro Team's DNA, innovation is part of our daily routine. Passionate about the vine and wine, we seek this discovery in each harvest, whether in the classic Alvarinhos or in something different that excites us and allows us to broaden our knowledge. The Alvarinho variety is queen at Soalheiro, but not limiting. The potential of the terroir is explored to a maximum so that learning is continuous and innovation is always present.

This is the context for Soalheiro Sauvignon Blanc & Alvarinho. Our search for the potential of the region has led us to discover, in recent years, the Pinot Noir red variety and its excellent adaptation to our Minho territory. Together with Pinot Noir we have discovered Sauvignon Blanc, an extremely well-known variety spread throughout the world as a result of its recognition in the production of quality white wines. This is something that we think is also happening with Alvarinho! Sauvignon Blanc, originating in France, has for us its peak at Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. An example of respect for the terroir of the Loire Valley. New Zealand is another reference which cannot be forgotten. As the most cultivated variety in this region of the world, its reputation has had the deserved recognition to elevate this variety in worldwide consideration.

Our aim is to create a wine that brings together these two world potentials, Sauvignon Blanc (70%) and Alvarinho (30%), with a tendency for the former to show more in the bouquet and the second for rounding the taste component. In this Soalheiro, which in a simplified way we call Sauvignon, we find the aroma of green apple and asparagus of the Atlantic Sauvignon Blanc of Minho and the more tropical aromas of Alvarinho, characteristic of our region.

Minho, Melgaço, Monção, Vinhos Verdes

Sauvighon Blanc (70%) and Alvarinho (30%) ferment after gentle decantation in stainless steel tanks between 16 and 18ºC. In this way, a wine is produced that is both aromatic, with the vegetable hints of Sauvignon Blanc, and a wider and more mineral finish, achieved through the depth of Alvarinho.

Grape Varieties
Sauvignon Blanc (70%), Alvarinho (30%)
Alcohol (%)
Total Acidity (g/dm3)
Volatile Acidity (g/dm3)
Residual Sugar
{ The values are approximate }
Tasting Notes

A wine with a citrus color, aromatic with hints of asparagus and soft tropical, persistent and mineral finish in the mouth.

Food Suggestions

Fish and shellfish, poultry and generally white meats. It accompanies grilled asparagus and vegetarian lasagne very well.